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Dog Walking

WiggleWag PasadenaWigglewag is proud to offer reliable, affordable, dog walking services to residents of Pasadena. Wigglewag’s unique approach offers more that just a quick stroll around the block. Each walk lasts 30 minutes and incorporates training techniques that will help your dog develop and maintain positive behaviors.

Let the experienced staff at Wigglewag teach your dog to be a good canine neighbor. Wigglewag can help resolve your dog’s bad habits while giving them the exercise and enrichment they need to be happy and healthy. Wigglewag’s superior dog walking service can control your dog’s pulling and correct erratic leash walking. Dogs also learn to act appropriately around other animals and people.

Wigglewag uses training techniques that mimic a canine’s natural way of learning. By providing structure, exercise, discipline and affection Wigglewag can focus your dog’s attention and help them adjust to changes in their environment. Wigglewag can also help your dog develop positive associations with circumstances that used to be frightening, threatening or overly exciting.

Due to the nature of Wigglewag’s services, occasional dog walks is not a service they provide. The training and structure they offer all dogs in their care must be reinforced with consistency. For that reason, dog walking requires a 2 day weekly commitment.

Wigglewag frequently takes group trips to the Rose Bowl and Old Town to keep walks interesting and fun. Deviations in walking routes give the pack a chance to explore new places and put their noses to work; two activities most dogs greatly appreciate.

Think your dog can’t hang with a pack? Wigglewag can help you safely determine what’s possible for your pet. More often than not, Wigglewag can successfully integrate your dog into a group.

Once Wigglewag has established a relationship with your dog, well-balanced, seasoned pack members will join the walks to assist with training and socialization. Pack walks are always optional but highly recommended! Wigglewag has successfully introduced numerous dogs to the group and they take every safety precaution before adding new members to the pack.

Imagine being able to take your dog to the park without incident! With help from Wigglewag, you too can walk down Colorado Boulevard and enjoy a quiet lunch at an outdoor cafe with your dog relaxing by your side.

In addition to providing exercise and training, Wigglewag team members make sure your pet is properly hydrated and gets plenty of love and attention. Have a senior dog or dog with special needs? Wigglewag can customize a route that’s right for your pet.

Before dog walking services begin, Wigglewag will coordinate an initial visit with you and your pet to determine what kinds of walks are best. Wigglewag works closely with pet owners to resolve any worries or concerns. Be sure to contact Wigglewag before you pass up that well deserved vacation or important event because you feel you can’t leave your pets.

Ready to get started? Call Wigglewag today at 626-376-0608 for more information on their amazing dog walking services, doggie daycare, overnight boarding options. Wigglewag looks forward to meeting you and your pets!



please note 2 day daycare minimum to qualify for boarding on a weekly basis