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We tried other dog walking services before using Wigglewag. While they all treated our dogs with lots of affection, they weren’t able to control the dogs well. Our big one sometimes pulled out of the walker’s hands and run off while the little one would bark excessively at other dogs. But Cynthia and Nes use the right combination of affection and discipline so I feel secure that our dogs are not only enjoying the walk, but are safe as well. Our dogs think Nes and Cynthia are the greatest. The big dog greets them at the door with a big smile and wagging tail. And they always come home tired and happy.

Denise & Stephen Weibel



After working closely with Cynthia at a busy local 24-hour small animal veterinary practice, I know that she is a caring and observant individual with a genuine affection for animals. She has repeatedly demonstrated her ability to care for pets and can readily recognize when there is a need for medical attention. A pet left in Cynthia’s care would benefit from her several years of experience working in the veterinary profession.

Valerie Tesauro, DVM



I enthusiastically recommend Nes, Cynthia and their Wigglewag team! I have been taking my Aussie, Murphy, to them for day care 2 or 3 days a week for the past 2 ½ years. Additionally, I leave him there for extended periods of time when traveling. I feel totally confident that Murphy is receiving loving care and attention. The Escobars are knowledgeable about dogs, competent and extremely professional. One important clue for me is that Murphy is never hesitant but, in fact, excited every time he is dropped off at his home-away-from-home.        

Lynn Gabriel



We feel SO incredibly blessed to have found Wigglewag AND to have the great Cynthia & Nes Escobar in our lives! They treat our little baby “Piggy” as if she was their own. She always comes back from daycare so happy and so pleasantly tired from all the fun walks and activities they treat her to!  Plus they train her, which makes dealing with her at home a breeze! My favorite thing, too, is how flexible Cynthia and Nes are with our crazy work schedules. They bend over backwards to accommodate their clients’ needs and that is a RARE FIND… a true Pasadena treasure!       

Hayley & Guy Forgaard



Belle could not be happier than when she is staying with Nestor and Cynthia at Wigglewag… Every dog there is behaved and loved.      

 Caryn Ryan 



Cynthia and Nes are straightforward, no nonsense, warm, generous, and highly skilled at caring for dogs. They also care about the dogs’ owners, and are great communicators with human beings, too!                       

Maria Politzer 



We get very anxious when we have to go out of town and leave our sweet Lab Amélie. She is very special, our baby girl, and we never hesitate to leave her with Cynthia and Nestor. It’s a big relief not to have to be worried or scared about our dog. We know she is safe, feeling secure, happy and loved.                         

José and Kim 



I wish everyone could see how happy our dog Butch was when he saw Nes today while we were out having coffee in Pasadena. Butch was beside himself with joy and wanted to go home with Nes. It showed how much Butch loves being with Cynthia and Nes at Wigglewag. It is the best!!!!                                            

 David & Margaret Mason 



We have been very fortunate to have Cynthia and Ness to be Rocky’s second family. Rocky has been going to Wigglewag for 3 1/2 plus years.   He loves going with them on what ever fun adventure they come up with (and there have been many). He has stayed during vacations, day care and walks and he loves it all.  Thanks to the whole crew at Wigglewag! They are the best!    

Jim & Mari-Ann Woodward 



My dog, Molly, and I have been clients of Wigglewag for about a year and a half, and I  enthusiastically recommend them. What I like about them as opposed to other daycare places is they take the dogs out for walks and other activities throughout the day. Molly absolutely loves Nes and Cynthia, and when I drop her off, it’s like leaving her with family. She is so happy to see them, and I trust them to take good care of her. Nowadays I have Wigglewag walk her every weekday, and I come home from work to a happy dog who has not damaged my home or gotten into any trouble. Molly is so precious to me, and I want her to have fun and be safe. Wigglewag gives me that peace of mind, and I am so grateful to have them.    

Miriam Angel 



The Wigglewag team is great!  We do day care and walks every week, and boarding when we are out of town.  It is very easy to schedule with WW and they are flexible.  We recently had to leave town for a family emergency, and WW went above and beyond to help us out.  When dropping off the dogs, you feel like you’re dropping them off for a visit with family! One of the best things about WW is that the dogs not only have a great day playing and having fun, but they are also trained and challenged.  One of our dogs needed some work on her doggy manners.  Cynthia and Nes were great with helping her interact properly with other dogs.  They also helped train us (the most important part)!  Thanks to their help, Millie plays great with other dogs and much more socialized than we could have done on our own.  Thank you, Wigglewag!                                    

 Lauren & Chris 



Wigglewag is such a pleasure for both the humans and the doggies!! The wigglewag team is easy and friendly to work with, and they do an AMAZING job with the dogs.  When we drop our dog off at Wigglewag, I know she’s going to have a great day (much better than us humans)!  All the dogs get along so well with each other, and it’s such a great pack atmosphere for them.  I love how disciplined the wigglewag team is, and I know that my dog won’t be learning (or continuing) any bad habits!  They always come home with a smile on their face, and are ready for a nap when they get home!  Also, wigglewag has overnight care, so I don’t feel guilty if we need to go out of town for the night.             

Mandy B. 



I absolutely could not have better things to say about this wonderful team of professionals.  Their (Wigglewag) unconditional love for both of my dogs, Babs & Bitsy, has left me in complete awe.  Cynthia & crew are truly sublime.  Not only do they treat my dogs with unconditional love as I travel, they also train them as they care for them!  My dogs are so well-behaved now!  Wigglewag is not only the best choice in Pasadena for pet care, but the best choice in all of California for pet care.  I will forever be dedicated and loyal to this team of amazing people.

Melanie Crosby 



Cynthia and Nes Escobar of Wigglewag are very nice people with great friendly attitudes who really care about animals. When I first contacted them, I was in a tough situation. I had just broken my foot and could not walk. I have a big dog who needed his daily exercise and I couldn’t do it. When I called and emailed around for a dog walker to start right away, no one was available. Everyone needed advance notice. My situation was not something I could have given advance notice for and I needed help right away. When I got in touch with Cynthia and Nes, they were there, no problem. They were good with my dog, Ralph. Nes even taught him to shake, a trick that Ralph is very proud of and enjoys impressing people with. Months later after my foot healed and I needed someone to take care of my pets when I went away, they took care of, not only my dog, but my two cats as well. I have recommended them to friends and coworkers who are also happy with them and their service.




After Abbey had back surgery I found I was unable to care for her (because of my health concerns). I called Abbey’s veterinarian who recommended Wigglewag.
I called Cynthia and explained our situation. Abbey was not taking her meds. I couldn’t pick her up and she was not eating. When Cynthia came, all of that changed. Abby loved her. I credit Abbey’s speedy recovery to the professional and loving care she received. Thank you again!

Janet Martin



Cindy & Nes are reliable, punctual and most importantly, our dogs have fun with them!! We appreciate that they make sure that the dogs improve with every walk, and that they pay attention to them as individuals. Dexter and Gigi even get excited when they think they spot Cindy & Nes on the street!

Cheryl & Dale



Whenever I’ve used Wigglewag to spend an hour or two with our 3 dogs, I feel completely confident that our dogs are safe, sound and enjoying the attention they’re recieving from Cynthia & Nestor. They are responsible and caring people with our dogs which is extremely important to us. I also like to read the little report they leave for us when we get home too.

Mary Lou Herrera



My husband and I are forever greatful to Nes and Cynthia for the wonderful care they provide to our 4 felines and 1 doggie. Our one cat is a “special needs” diabetic who requires twice daily insulin injections along with the monitoring skills of a trained animal healthcare technician which Cynthia possesses. Not only does this allow our cats to remain together in the comfort of their home, it also allows me stress-free travel knowing that all my critters are recieving the best possible care and attention. I am also thankful to have them as friends in my life and caring for my pets.

Wendy & Paul Hengen



We had first heard of Wigglewag from craigslist and decided to give them a try! We had a young puppy and she was going to be by herself everyday since we both work away from home. Within two days of calling Wigglewag, Cynthia & Nes came over to our home and were so wonderful with our puppy! She took an immediate liking to them and ever since then, from walks to overnight stays, Wigglewag always provides a safe, fun, reliable service. We were lucky to find them and have already recommended their services to a few people who have also had great experiences. Try them- you won’t regret it!

Nina, Neal & Paz (11 month old!)



Recently, I had foot surgery. During my convalescence, I turned to Wigglewag to exercise my dogs. Thank God for Cynthia & Nestor!! Not only did they walk my dogs, but they trained them too! Now when walking Memo & Darth, they no longer pull me repeatedly. What a relief!! Memo & Darth love Cynthia & Nestor and so do I!!!

Gloria Roman




please note 2 day daycare minimum to qualify for boarding on a weekly basis