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Cynthia & Nestor - WiggleWag

Cynthia & Nestor Escobar - Founders of Wigglewag Pasadena

W igglewag is a family owned business founded by the husband and wife team of Cynthia and Nestor Escobar. Since then Nestor has made it his vocation to improve the lives of animals through education, hands-on rescue and volunteer work, and offering experienced, high quality pet care services for anyone seeking professional help. Our unique approach to pet care which focuses not only on the exercise and monitoring of your pets, but also on the socialization and training of your K9’s, makes us the best choice for your training, pet boarding and dog walking needs.


About The Owner: Nestor E.

Nes Escobar

Nes Escobar

Nestor Escobar is the owner Wigglewag Training & Dog Care Services. Originally from the San Francisco, Nes has always had a natural calling for animals, especially dog’s. Growing up in Mexico on a farm with his grandmother, she thought him to always respect mother nature and to love and appreciate all animals. This was the beginning of his humble foundation into the world of Dog Psychology and animal behavior. He has obtained a great deal of knowledge in the areas of animal behavior, dog rehabilitation and animal nutrition, thru his years of experience working at an Independent Pet Store in San Francisco. There he got his first view on understanding our relationship with our K9’s and the importance of nutrition and exercise. Since that time he has studied with some of the worlds greatest trainers and researched information independently. All the while getting first hand experience through the many years with

Wigglewag. If you have any questions he is the man to ask! Nes is always more then willing to assist a fellow animal enthusiast. His devotion to the business and to enriching the lives of the animals and humans alike thru fundamental relationship building techniques makes him a perfect match for anyone seeking help! He is an extension of what training means to him, “A way of life”.

please note 2 day daycare minimum to qualify for boarding on a weekly basis