Our Staff


Nestor Escobar

Expert Canine Behavioralist & Master Trainer
Nestor Escobar, one of California Premier Expert Canine Behavioralist & Master Trainer, is owner/founder of Wigglewag Training & Dog Care Services. With over 14 years in canine care, Nestor has had the privilege to assist thousands of owners and canines alike, to achieve a easy, balanced relationship. At Wigglewag, your education and your canines needs are DIRECTLY supervised by this expert!

Mike D.

Professional Canine Trainer
Mike D. joined our team as a talented young trainer back in January 2016. With over five years and 10,000 hours of hands-on education and experiance has since then transformed into a Professional Canine Trainer of his own. Mike’s calm demeanor and leader energy, has moved him to motivate and pursue this career as a deep personal lifestyle. He is attentive and detailed when it comes to observing behavior in dogs which make him an excellent addition to the team. You will always receive a “cool” vibe when being around Mike. We are very happy he is here!

Cynthia E.

Canine Trainer
A hidden jewel of Wigglewag, Cynthia Escobar, is co-owner and Canine Trainer. You will find her behind the scene working hard to assist every aspect of Wigglewag, including, you and your canine!