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Cynthia & Nestor Escobar - Founders of Wigglewag Pasadena

W igglewag is a family owned business founded by the husband and wife team of Cynthia and Nestor Escobar. Since then they have made it their mission to improve the lives of canines, and humans alike, through education, understanding, and in-depth support. Wigglewag's unique approach, is based in a wholistic health for canines and considers environment, diet, the canine body, developmental stages, human/canine psychology, and clarity in space through cleanliness.

Yet most importantly, Wigglewag seeks to to bring this expert canine understanding into the lives of those seeking harmony and balance for and with their dog, through in-depth education, training and hands on support. So results come from an understanding that will last a lifetime!


About The Owner: Nestor E.

Nes Escobar

Nes Escobar

Nestor Escobar is the owner Wigglewag Training & Dog Care Services. Originally from the San Francisco, Nes has always had a natural calling for animals, especially dog’s. Growing up in Mexico on a farm with his grandmother, she thought him to always respect mother nature and to love and appreciate all animals. This was the beginning of his humble foundation into the world of Dog Psychology and animal behavior.

This lead to years of study in the areas of canine behavior & psychology, canine training, dog rehabilitation, canine health & nutrition, and wholistic health. Resulting in Wigglewag's extraordinary, unique approach which has proven itself, over and over again, for the last 13 years.

Today, Nestor is one of California's Premier Expert Canine Behavioralist & Master Trainer. Known Nation wide, Nestor has had the privilege to assist thousands of owners and canines alike, to achieve a easy, balanced relationship. And at Wigglewag, your education and your canines training & housing needs are DIRECTLY supervised by this expert!