Doggie Daycare Pasadena

Doggie Daycare Services in PasadenaDo you work long hours? Does your dog lack social skills? Is he destructive when left alone? If the answer to any of those questions is yes, Wigglewag’s doggie daycare service can help! Located on a quiet, tree-lined street in a beautiful Pasadena neighborhood, Wigglewag is a safe and affordable alternative to leaving your dog home alone. Many consider Wigglewag the best doggie daycare service available.

Residents from all over the San Gabriel Valley trust Wigglewag to provide their pet with a truly beneficial doggie daycare experience. In addition to many activities, Wigglewag proudly offers behavioral training as part of your dog’s visit. Wigglewag uses training techniques that mimic a canine’s natural way of learning. You may find your dog is happier and better behaved after just a short time with Wigglewag!

Daycare services are available for dogs of all shapes, sizes, and ages. Dogs in daycare receive at least three walks a day, which often includes visits to local dog parks and hiking trips! Frequent outings, regular access to a large yard, and a healthy, balanced canine pack make a day at Wigglewag a day of fun!

Wigglewag co-owners Cynthia and Nestor Escobar have modified their spacious home to provide not only a secure environment, but a place of enrichment with plenty of opportunities to relax and enjoy an afternoon nap, or two. At Wigglewag, your beloved pet is treated like part of the family. The Escobar’s own dogs, Kiki and Pinky are excellent canine hosts and invite your dog to join the Wigglewag party!

Unlike most daycare facilities, Wigglewag is similar to a dog’s own environment. Many other facilities offer a single, empty room, with little to no interaction from the people who work there. Daily contact with both humans and fellow canines is important for a dog’s spirit and quality of life. In addition to basic care, dogs need structure, discipline and exercise in order to be happy and in turn, well-behaved members of the family.

If you think your dog isn’t ready for group daycare or simply won’t enjoy the experience, you may be pleasantly surprised once you give it a try! Many dogs behave differently off-leash or when their owners are not present. Daycare at Wigglewag gives your dog a chance to improve their social skills and have some fun in a safe and structured environment.

Before your dog is admitted to daycare, the experienced staff at Wigglewag will help you determine what’s possible for your pet. Wigglewag will meet with both you and your dog to determine if daycare is the right fit. If daycare is not the best option, Wigglewag will discuss a plan of action to prepare you and your pooch for future daycare.

At times a trial day of daycare, or personal training, is required before a dog is accepted. All owners must commit to two days of daycare a week. This allows us to keep a safe and balanced environment for all dogs. Call us at 626-376-0608 for more information today!